Otokar Buses

The leading Turkish bus manufacturer began its international success with minibuses on a truck chassis which are still a point of reference when it comes to transporting smaller numbers of passengers. Today, it offers the latest design and technology solutions in other classes as well, with more than 32,000 Otokar city and tourist buses currently in use around the world.

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At the time of founding of Otokar in 1963, the meteoric rise of bus manufacturing began in Turkey, which is today among the leading countries in this segment. In 1976 it became a part of the largest Turkish concern Koc, when developing its own models adapted to the local market came to the forefront and included city buses or competitive minibuses with a truck chassis. In the years that followed, Otokar held its leading position as a Turkish bus manufacturer. Based on its domestic success, it opened its modern Sakarya factory in 1997 as a prerequisite for achieving its ambitious export plans.

Otokar stepped onto the European market in 2002 with the Navigo model. The versatile model was offered in multiple variants for passenger, city and school transport. After reorganizing the R&D department five years later, it was joined by the even more versatile Vectio midibus with a modern bus chassis which retained a competitive price in relation to its small series competition. The attractive and functional design has received multiple awards, and the modular construction allows for a wide range of variants for multiple purposes.

From 2009, Otokar has been entering market segments where the competition is extremely fierce, but the regional Territo easily found its own identity. The low-floor 12-meter Kent city model builds on the successful Vectio model design and from 2015, the range was completed with an articulated variant. These models achieved the greatest success on the domestic market where every third bus is an Otokar product. However, with their pricing, modern low-floor body and engine technology, they have shown just how competitive they are in many other countries. Through cooperation with renowned international manufacturers, a diesel or CNG engine is available, and in 2007, Otokar introduced a hybrid version. It started developing electric engines in 2012.

The results of big investments with studious development are apparent with the new generation of models whose development in 2018 was marked by the Ulyso T. The tried and true body proportions are the same as the previous Vectio T, but the clear-cut design shows a new direction for Otokar. The same goes for the new Territo model, available with diesel and CNG engines. The low-floor e-Kent C adds an electric drive and aluminum construction thanks to which, while being 12 meters in length, it weighs only 12.5 tonnes. The apparent status of Otokar as one of the leading bus manufacturers is also confirmed by their efficient manufacturing, as some 2000 employees make around 6000 vehicles a year.

Otokar City Buses

City Otokar buses with a length of 7.7 to 18.75 meters and a capacity of 22 to 164 passengers, offer an entire range of options to optimize the vehicle fleet of public transport companies. Designed to be simple and functional, Otokar buses are easy to maintain and have low operating costs. To ensure the comfort and safety of passengers, Otokar city buses are equipped with the latest technology and communication devices, which helps them fulfill all the criteria for modern city transport.

Otokar Intercity Buses

Otokar offers a complete range of intercity buses. Reliability, low operating costs and versatility will attract line operators who seek a practical and profitable vehicle selection. With a range that covers all needs, from the compact Navigo U (7.72 m) to the Territo U (13.26 m), Otokar can satisfy all operator needs by combining the comfort and safety of passengers.

Otokar Tourist Buses

The Otokar tourism range is renowned for the comfort it offers to drivers and passengers alike. The range of 7 to 10 meter versions meets the various requirements for passenger buses, even on the most challengingly steep routes. The superb maneuverability of the midibus, in combination with its compact dimensions ideal for small groups, means that Otokar buses are well adapted to all types of travel. Otokar passenger buses contain a wide range of equipment and options which ensure safe and comfortable passenger transport.

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