Service for Cars

There are six personal vehicle sales and service centers operating as part of Auto Hrvatska Automobili’s personal program.
The sales and service center at Heinzelova 70 in Zagreb offers the sale and authorized service of Peugeot personal and light delivery vehicles; at Radnička cesta 182 in Zagreb, the sale and authorized service of Fiat light delivery vehicles is offered with an authorized Ford service center; the Zadar center sells Volkswagen and Audi vehicles and provides authorized service for VW, Audi and Škoda vehicles; the Rijeka center sells Mazda vehicles and provides authorized service; the Karlovac center sells Volkswagen and Škoda vehicles and provides authorized service for VW, Škoda, Ford and Fiat vehicles; and lastly, the Kaštel-Sućurac center sells and provides authorized service of Renault and Dacia vehicles.
In addition to modern service equipment and modern IT and diagnostics systems, centers in Zadar and Split also offer maintenance services in the form of body and paint shops.


In addition to state-of-the-art equipment for diesel systems, the Bosch Diesel Center is made up of experts qualified and competent in all matters relating to diesel technology.

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