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Auto Hrvatska Business Group was established in 1952 in Zagreb. Our name and business model has become synonymous with all things related to road vehicles and their maintenance in Croatia. Today, we do business in four countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia in a total of 26 locations.

Our Vision

To be synonymous with competence and competitiveness in the automotive market for products and services.

Our Mission

To provide customers with long-term availability of all types of high-quality car industry products and services by conducting business incorporating social values and environmental protection.

Company: AUTO HRVATSKA joint-stock company
Head Office: Heinzelova 70, 10000 Zagreb
Capital Stock: HRK 60,000,000.00 paid in full
Number of shares issued: 600,000
VAT: 42523247815
Nominal value of shares: HRK 100.00
IBAN: HR492360001101238451 at Zagrebačka banka d.d. Zagreb
Court register: Commercial Court in Zagreb
Registration number: 080008303
Board of Directors:


Executive Directors:


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