Emboldened by our extensive and unrivalled experience, as well as our service knowledge of both personal and commercial vehicles, we feel confident saying that no one understands service workshops better than us. We have decided to pass on our knowledge and experience in equipping and running service workshops to others. Auto Hrvatska sales and service centers represent renowned international manufacturers of service equipment, tools and diagnostics for service workshops for personal and commercial vehicles, also servicing the delivered equipment during the entirety of its operational life. We are specialized for the sale, installation and servicing of service equipment for workshops, as well as for the sale of all types of tools, protective wear, accessories and consumables. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or you have a professional mechanic or tire repair shop, our employees are at your disposal to give you advice on the optimal setup and equipment distribution depending on the needs of the workshop. This also includes tire equipment, two-post car lifts, scissor car lifts, four-post car lifts, workshop furniture, compressors, pneumatic guns, hydraulic presses, specialized tool sets, flashlights, measuring instruments, diagnostic testers, welding equipment, battery and electric tools, as well as other equipment. Our service team is proud of its 50 years of tradition in mounting and installing service equipment and specialized tools in workshops and is also considered the most high quality post-sales support in the sector. Our services are available throughout Croatia.

Over 50 years of tradition in mounting and installing service equipment.





Service equipment


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