Bosch Diesel Center in Hrvatski Leskovac (Zagreb) operates using the latest in testing equipment, devices and tools and distinguishes itself as one of the most well-equipped centers in the region. Services include diagnostics, testing, repair of diesel components of the latest diesel systems, refurbishing of injectors and injection pumps, maintenance of diesel systems, testing and repair of injectors and Common-Rail systems, line and distributor pumps in accordance with manufacturer instructions and specifications.

All processes are conducted according to Bosch’s highest technological standards, with special tools and software, a wide assortment of spare parts in our warehouse and a warranty on parts and installation. As part of the center, a production line for reconditioning turbochargers is available. With many years of experience in servicing, in following innovation and technology, as well as regular theoretical and practical service training, our service employees are fully prepared to take on any personal or commercial vehicle in the workshop.

Auto Hrvatska Prodajno servisni centri d.o.o. is the holder of the Bosch concept for commercial vehicles called BCV (Bosch Commercial vehicles), which includes fast and simple Bosch diagnostics for all brands of commercial vehicles (vans, trucks, buses and trailers), as well as original Bosch spare parts, and guarantees the expertise of employees on all locations in Croatia and the region.

Injection system specialist. 

Highest quality of products and services in the automotive industry.

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